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what to wear

ive been meaning to write about running/exercise gear for muslimahs for a while. as i mentioned some time back, one of the challenges i had when i reverted to islam was finding a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising my faith. unfortunately the internet isnt much help at the moment and talking to people often results in advice such as, ‘you should really only be working out inside your home’. gosh the number of times ive heard that! so Allah (swt) designed this wonderful world for us but we should only appreciate it from ‘inside our homes’ should we?
anyway, i digress. my journey to finding ideal wear is an ongoing one – i think you have to search around and find what works for you. there are some really wonderful items made out of wicking material that everyone who works out ought to have. keeps you a lot cooler than ordinary cotton.
here’s my take on what one could put together for a little session out on the tarmac. just remember to keep your gear loose-fitting (but comfy, nothing worse than flailing clothes creating extra drag!). till next time, wasalaam.


First winter run

so i successfully managed to go out for a little run yesterday. man was it cold but once i got going it was really really enjoying! but i benefitted from having worn my running top under my work clothes, im going to be doing this a lot more. my knee is still giving me problems so looks like its back to strapping it. I think my new strategy is going to be, run 3x a week but run mon, tues, wed and then rest the other two days, that way i get my mileage out of the way by Wednesday. Inshallah i should be back to doing 40km weekly mileage soon. In the mean time, im saving up for some Under-Armour! As you can see, im a nut when it comes to outfits.

Although i’m not terribly crazy about her, paula radcliffe has probably done a bit to market compression clothing (think: her long white socks) in recent times. The secret to compression clothing is that it is designed to wrap around key muscle groups and reduce muscle movement therefore focussing the direction of the muscle. Compression reduces muscle vibration therefore reducing tissue damage and muscle soreness. Compression clothing should accelerate blood flow which (apparently) helps the body to eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. There are however some debates at the moment about whether lactic acid is a metabolic waste at all….need to blog about that some time!