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Minimalist running shoes (again)

So after City2City I picked up a bit of a stress fracture in my left. I say a bit since my foot was a little sensitive for about 10 days after the run but that seems to have subsided after I decided not to run at all for a week. This has also helped my bursitis in my right hip. (I sound like I was in a train accident!).

All of this has left me thinking about whether it is sustainable to run big distances in my minimum trail. Granted, I should have never run 50km in them in the first place, with such a short transition time – but I think even if I had slowed it down a bit, it’s unrealistic to run that long in a shoe with very little cushioning – certainly for me anyway. I still love my mimimus trail and will always wear it offroad and whenever I feel like it but I think I will look into getting the minimus road which is a little more forgiving. My mind’s not quite made up. Searching through the internet is proving to be a confusing exercise – on one hand is the ‘born to run’ movement and its disdain for anything that is not zero drop, then there’s the group that says Nike Free is a gimmick…so I think I have my work cut out for me.


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