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My first Ultra

…..that didnt end in a DNF!  Finally, I am delighted to say I completed an ultra for which I could be awared a medal and an official finisher’s time!  All praise and thanks are due to God.  I (sort of) secretly entered myself for City2City which for me was a tester before 2Oceans.  I had a disastrous 2Oceans in 2008 and it’s taken me 3 years to pluck up the courage to go back again.  But deep in me I felt that I had to run City2City to know if I could do it again and run over 42.2km and actually finish.  It was a massive risk to sign up for it because I had very little mileage for this, coming out of winter and the fast – not even enough for a full marathon let alone an uiltra but I was determined that where I lacked in training I would at least make up for in not making the same mistakes I made in 2008 where I went out too fast, didn’t carboload sufficiently and didn’t prepare for cramps.  I was a lot better prepared in this regard this time round and then as my luck would haved it, I bumped into a clubmate (whom I’d actually never seen on the runs before) at about 2kms into the race.  We started chatting and then naturally continued the race together but this was really lucky for me because this guy turns out to be an ultra-marathon guru of sorts.  He really helped me along, telling me where to hold back, to run half the hills and he kept saying, ‘the race starts at 30km, leave a little in reserve’.  He was fantastic.  Even in the last 15km where my mind really started to suffer and play games with me, he was really encouraging and kept telling me to not listen to my mind – if it weren’t for him, I’m pretty sure I would still be found sleeping under the trees in the streets of Bramley right now.  I’m really delighted to have finished at 6:17:00 that was a whole forty minutes early than I was hoping for. It’s not often that things work out this way but this is really the boost I needed to get my mind right for 2Oceans.

here is a pic of me at halfway


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