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Barefoot running and new shoes

The other day in my impulsiveness I decided I was going to buy a pair of Vibram five fingers because I was nervous about developing further injuries and had also heard too many stories about torn ACLs. I’m glad I did a bit of research on barefoot running and that in the end I didn’t jump straight into it without knowing about transitioning. It also helps that in the end, the shop I went to didn’t have the five fingers in my size. While I was there a pair of New Balance Minimus caught my eye and although that wasn’t my plan I ended up going for it a few days later after reading a bit more about it. (I’ve always been an Asics girl but secretly admired NBs.) I obviously didn’t read enough because I actually bought the Minimum Trail and not the road which I only realised two weeks after but this doesn’t bother me at all because I’m glad to have a shoe I can take on and offroad. To be honest, I don’t actually see what the need for a separate trail and road shoe is particularly since the Minimus Trail is so light and flexible. It also has a very robust Vibram sole. I think the Vibram sole is what caught my eye. I’ve done more mileage (not much probably only 30km thus far) on the road with it and I really love this shoe. I ran 10km on the trails with and it really comes into its own off-road. You feel the connection with the ground, I like that, that’s nice, that’s why we like trail running in the first place, but it’s extremely grippy which gives you so much confidence when you put your foot down. I can’t get over how light the shoe is. The only concern now is whether I haven’t transitioned sufficiently and whether I might not pick up stress fractures later as my mileage picks up. That’s the other thing, I didn’t get any stiffness in my Achilles or calf with this shoe as I expected. On the first two runs i could feel that my foot and heels were a bit more engaged but that’s to be expected with the zero cushioning but I never felt my calves ‘sieze’ as I’ve heard other people report when transitioning so maybe I’m one of the lucky ones, time and City2City will tell!


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