An outlet for the many voices in my head on being muslim, running and my love affair with jellybabies

Timbuktu Manuscripts

So when I first began researching about Islam and discussing what I was learning with people, a good friend of mine said to me that I had only just begun to uncover Islam and although I had learnt a lot of wonderful new things, what I learnt was just an atom of Islam was. At the time, I didnt think much of it, maybe I was probably even a little offended! It’s only sort of dawning on me now that he was spot on, there really is so much that Islam has to teach about EVERYTHING and as I’m gobbling it all up, I can only kick myself for not having embraced Islam earlier!
Anyway, one of the things I recently came across is the history of scholarship in Africa and the with Islam here. I can’t wait to get rid of the ‘clutter’ currently in my life (work, school, moving) just so I can have the time explore this really exciting subject!!!!


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